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Author Topic: Win Real Cash  (Read 542 times)

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Win Real Cash
« on: April 02, 2018, 11:26:58 AM »

As the title says you can win real cash.

How can I win real cash?
- On the first day of every month, The top rich clan gets the  real cash prize.

How does the top rich clan is picked?
- I think you already saw the below graph on forums page. You need to deposit money to your clan account using /clandeposit command.
keep your clan on top. Our script picks the top rich clan on first day of month at a specific time. And you win.

What can happen to the money you deposited into your clan account?
-This is clan takeover  concept.

Clan TakeOver

Clans can now take over another clan HQ's in Freeroam.

How it works?
Each clan has its own money account.
clan members can deposit money into clan account by using commande /clandeposit
Clan with more money is the Rich clan.

so, what now?
If other clan comes and takesover your clan, then the money in your clan account will be reduced by 100 every minute and that money will be added to the clan which taken over your clan.
Be aware that if your money in clan account reach zero by decreasing, and still you did not take your clan back, then it can even go into negative balance.

You can takeover any number of clans. If you takeover 3 clans, you will keep on getting money from the 3 clans until they take back. so, per minute you get 300 into your clan account. 100 from each clan.

How Can you takeover a clan?
If you want to takeover WTF clan, 3 players from your clan should goto WTF clan hq and one of them should use command /takeover.
Players will see the message on chat box, saying so and so clan is taking over WTF clan.
You need to be in the WTF clan area for 2 mins to successfully take over the clan. If any one from 3 goes out of clan area, then take over is failed.

How Can you stop your clan getting take over by some other clan?
When you see the message on chat box that your clan is getting take over, then atleast one player from your clan should rush to your clan area and should use the command /stoptakeover
This makes the take over fail.

How can I take my clan back if it is taken over by some one?
3 players from your clan should go to your clan area and do /takeback.
You have to wait for 2 min to take it back. If any one player from the clan which took your clan comes and use the command /stoptakeback, then its unsuccessful.

How to stop clan taking their clan back?
when the original clan people are trying to take back their clan from you, then you have to rush the clan area and do /stoptakeback

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