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Author Topic: [SWAT4SAMP] Servers Information  (Read 4451 times)

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[SWAT4SAMP] Servers Information
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:09:08 AM »

Server Information

Server Name: S.W.A.T
Server IP: swat.swat4samp.in:8‚Äč575
Max Slots: 30
Version: 0.3.7

Server Name: S4S Condition Zero
Server IP: swat.swat4samp.in:9775
Max Slots: 16
Version: 0.3.7


This gamemode is team deathmatch, its two teams SWAT and Terrorist. This server varies different objectives such as, capture the flag, planting bombs / defusing bombs. This server is a professional deathmatching server. In the gamemode, you can play deathmatch or play freeroam and buy cars. To get in freeroam the deathmatching side must have equal players or you cannot enter the freeroam.


1. Is this the real SWAT4SAMP?
A: Yes, this is the original.

2. How do I get my stats saved?
A: Your account must be registered, you can do so by typing /register [password].

3. If I am banned, what do I do?
A: You appeal it on our forums. Note: Cheaters will not get unbanned.

4. How do I get the [VIP] tag?
A: To get the V.I.P tag, you must donate about 2 euros, this goes towards the server and website payment. If you have any questions you can type /donate ingame.

Server Rules:

Server Rules
V.I.P Rules

Live Stats:

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