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Buy Premium Clan

Welcome to S4S Premium clan page
Thank You very much for making some time in visiting our Premium clan Page.
BUY Premium Clan
We presently charge 8.50 Euros or 10 Euros for lifelong Premium Clan.

What do we give for that amount?

1. You Can Choose your HQ and Interior
2. Gates and Fence for your clan HQ where only clan members can control
3. 10 Vehicles in Clan HQ where only Clan members can drive
4. Clan Chat
5. Clan Control Commands for Leader and Co-Leader
6. 5 Skins for clan where other players can't use them
7. Clan Requestable Member group in Forums
8. Clan Leader and Co-Leader Member group in Forums
9. Special Board & Private Board for Clan members to discuss your Clan things and
10. Free VIP for Clan Leader based on the plan he choose
11. Clan Alert Message when Clan members join the server

All the above perks are included only in S4S Main Server.

Premium Clan Plans :

You can choose between 2 Plans for buying Premium Clan.
8.50 Euros and 10 Euros.

In 8.50 Euros Plan, Clan Leader gets 1 Month Free VIP.
In 10 Euros Plan, Clan Leader gets 2 Months Free VIP.

If you are not able to pay any one of the above plans at a time, you can pay in 3 installments (3 Months).

For 8.50 Euros, you can pay : 4.50 Euros (1st Month) + 2 Euros (2nd Month) + 2 Euros (3rd Month)
For 10 Euros, you can pay : 6 Euros (1st Month) + 2 Euros (2nd Month) + 2 Euros (3rd Month)

In failing to pay the complete amount may leads to disabling of the Clan.
If you don't want to run your clan, you can just stop paying the rest of the amount. Once the clan is closed by clan leader for any reason, its closed forever.

Please PM me (saawan) to make a payment.

Rules for premium clan

1. Once the clan HQ is made, you can't edit it or change the location of the map.
2. You should show the location before making your HQ. Some Locations contain dm map objects and those places are restricted in making the clan HQ.
3. Clan HQ should be below 300 Objects and we don't support the remove object type. You should not delete the original game objects when making the map. If you are a mapper you will know what it is.
4. You can modify the clan HQ's when we open HQ Renovations. Not the location.
5. Once the clan color is set, you can't change the Clan color.
6. Once the clan name is set, you can't change the name or tag.
7. Once the clan leader closes the clan, its closed forever.
8. Clan should not contain more than 2 leaders, also not more than 2 co leaders.