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[WARNING] Other S.W.A.T Servers



SWAT server is only one and no other server irrespective of their name is related to it. Many servers have copied our server name but we do not have any connections with them. Our server is original and not linked with any of those. Most likely those servers will try to get your password and login on the real actual SWAT4SAMP server. They will try to hack your account on SWAT4SAMP, steal your money and most probably try to access your computer. We suggest you NOT to join those servers.

Any other server with the gamemode SWAT (except this server SWAT4SAMP (www.swat4samp.in)) may be dangerous for your SWAT4SAMP account, and your computer.

We are the original and only SWAT server, all other servers are dangerous copies.

The S4S team.

player know where the best dm server, no need to force them, if our server is fun they will keep in this server.


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